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Les Trois Corniches

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Are You Ready for a Sportcars Road-Trip?

Make your visit to French Riviera unforgettable: book now a pleasant roundtrip Tour Les Trois Corniches on the best exotic cars and roads, with departing from Nice. Explore French Riviera and all its peculiarities on this exciting full-day tour from Nice by amazing high-speed sports cars. Available all year round.

Adrenaline and fun are guaranteed!

Our Best Seller Tour gives you the best experience!

Taste and enjoy a cocktail of the best coastal roads, supercar engine roar, and the charming places of the Cote d’Azur. 

French Riviera has great nature and the best opportunity to test the thrill of driving a Ferrari 812 Superfast, Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spider, and many other super besties by yourself on memorable open roads. 

Our idea is to highlight the famous panoramic roads overlooking the coast with your personal unforgettable experience. 

Our experts and assistants live on-site, therefore, they know all regional specialties. 

You are our VIP guest, and we offer our guests only the best.

Driving Tour Highlights

  1. This tour on open roads allows us to visit 6 and more wonderful places in the heart of French Riviera in one day.
  2.  Options to choose exciting Driver or Passenger experience.
  3. Choose as many cars as You wish, starting from 2.
  4. We take care of you. All-day long, 2-3 of our team’s sports auto escorts accompanies you or your guests, shows the directions and best spots.
  5. Enjoying the panoramic coastal roads, company, and most scenic overviews of the French Riviera.
  6. Reach the best viewpoints, taking pictures, filming, relaxing.
  7. Use the opportunity to choose any restaurant on the cost by the Tour’s way if required. Admire the cuisine and views from terraces.
  8. GoPro cameras are installed in supercars. The GPS with stops and route points included.
  9. Make stops as much as you wish. You can request that your driver make multiple stops when requesting a ride.
  10. Friendly, smiley, highly organized team with exceptional services.
  11. A lot of fun, pleasure, happiness, and adrenaline!
    It will be a 100% Exhilarating Ride!
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The Basse Corniche (Low Cornice) with the Moyenne Corniche (Middle Cornice) and the Grande Corniche (Big Cornice) are three roads connecting Nice to Monaco. The Basse Corniche is closely at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea near Eze, the Moyenne Corniche and the Grande Corniche are higher with a spectacular world-known panorama on the coast. From Beaulieu-sur-Mer to Eze you will have an amazing chance to see the unbelievable beauty of road Moyenne Corniche. The best route from Nice to Menton, skirting to the Principality of Monaco, along the fascinating roads Trois Corniches (Three Cornices) of the Alp-Maritime region.

Departing from Nice to the Villefranche-sur-Mer – the harbor known to be one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Overlooking the yachts in crystal clear azure waters and splendid chic villas of the most fortunate personalities of Europe and the world. The enthusiastic AiLiL World Rent Team of professional Formula 1 Test Drivers will show you the way, the most panoramic well-known and secret sights, check the cars and guide you during the whole tour. 

The Low Corniche coastal road (N98) will call you to discover Beaulieu-sur-Mer. Beaulieu means beautiful place in French and Mer – the sea. All in One. Selected as a settlement of aristocracy, royal dynasties, and celebrities, today it is a high-class extravagant village in a chic and romantic Mediterranean style. Luxurious buildings, shady streets, parks, and gardens, as well as superb cars, will take you to the heart of the Cote d’Azur.

Then go to discover the famous medieval green village of Eze, stretched out along the coast from Cap Roux to the Cabuel point. This local tropical gem is nestled high in the hills over France’s rugged coastline. This Provencal village is so beautiful, it’s hard to believe you have not stumbled onto a movie. Eze village is a must-see most picturesque spots in the region. Here you can stop to relax under the olives and pine-trees, to admire the view, and to take the photos. It’s fantastic! 

Enjoy the splendid view of the gardens surrounding the Chateau de la Chevre d’Or. You can make a stop and have lunch directly in “La Chèvre d’Or” or any other restaurant (upon request). La Chèvre d’Or, as a restaurant with history, traditions, and legends, has been holding Michelin stars since the 1970s. Here you will be offered a whole set of fantastically delicious compliments before an awesome meal, grouper, and lamb after the artichoke with a very tasty Chinese black caviar and a delicious Flower cocktail with hibiscus extract and heavenly delightful desserts.

Choose any restaurant you like along the way, and we all park there. For reservations and recommendations about the best places, ask our assistants.

Return to your bright supercar-beasty, waiting for you impatiently in the parking, enjoy the music of the starter, and let’s go on the road to new discoveries! From Cap d’Ail continue your amazing Ferrari cruise to the lovely little village La Turbie. This ancient Roman site makes a kind of junction of the Moyenne Corniche with Tête de Chien (Dog’s Head) station. It’s a historical place and descent to Monaco, where the first climbers liked this place for their trainings. The view of Monaco here is exceptional and deserves 5, 6, 7… endless stars!

Then you will drive down along a beautiful panoramic road to the Capital of Lemons and Oranges, wonderful Menton. This perfect-climate tropical city is also the local capital of Mimosas, essential oils and fragrances, different flowers, abundant exotic gardens, celebrations, local parades, International festivals, palaces, relax, and so on. With no doubts, this is a fairy stage, where the dreams to be in paradise corner on the Earth come true.

And if still, you are asking Where to drive Ferrari or Lamborghini or Porsche, Mercedes or Bentley. We know the answer! From Menton to Nice drive along the highway of Grande Corniche. This is exactly the right way which will give us the breathtaking opportunity to feel the incredible acceleration power of your fabulous cars. Total Freedom on the car born for Freedom! At the end of the journey, full of positive emotions and impressions, you will back in Nice, at your hotel, villa etc. Our team will warmly welcome you back and will arrange all drop-off services.

Our regular Guests love this Tour so much that they often return and book it, as soon they are in France.

In our Exclusive Tour we combine the well-known sights, the fantastic top cars, and the best experience of professional team who are experts in luxury car services, drive and the region.
Imagine and turn out to be the Main Hero of this exceptional adventure. Spend Extraordinary day on super fancy cars in majestic places. You are our VIP guest, and we offer our guests only the best.

If You have special requests, dream, plan or idea, please, tell us about and we will arrange the best possible we can to realize them.

The Tour Les Trois Corniches with Best panoramic roads on French Riviera is also possible to order and book for special occasions and opportunities. You can realize someone’s dream, offer as a Gift Certificate, honeymoons, weddings escort ride, girls/bachelors parties etc. We are here to make your wishes true.

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