How can I drive a Supercar
on Formula 1 Track in Monaco?

dispel the myths of Grand Prix Monaco

The Formula 1 Grand Prix Race Track in Monaco is one of the most sophisticated and offbeat tracks in the World, and it passes through the streets of the Principality of Monaco, which even more attracts millions of guests who dream to drive a supercar and feel like a real Formula 1 Driver. And such a chance is available to everyone, and you are no exception!

The Grand Prix Circuit in Monaco has been not changed since the 1929 year when Antony Noghès founded Monte-Carlo Grand Prix.

It always the most popular race in the World, which included in the “Triple Crown of Motorsport”, along with “24 hours of Le Mans” and the “Indianapolis 500”.

Every year at the end of May, enthusiasts from all over the world come to get an unthinkable feck of the “fast” adrenaline. Starting from February, every year the country is starting to prepare to accept and carry out the best and most difficult race in the F1 competition Grand Prix Monaco.

People start to book hotels in Monaco and throughout the French Riviera one year before the F1 Monaco, tickets are instantly “SOLD OUT” and this, even more, attracts tourists.

Certainly, we can make a statement that the most asked questions among our customers visiting Monaco are about Formula 1 Grand Prix Monaco. So now it is a time to dispel the myths of Grand Prix Monaco!

1) Can I drive a supercar on the Formula 1 Grand Prix Track?

For sure, YES!, as the Formula 1 racetrack it is the winding streets of a tiny state and it passes through all of Monte-Carlo. You can easily drive a supercar like a Ferrari or Lamborghini or McLaren, for it, you just need to rent one or several supercars and you can easily have fun for a whole day, because there are no restrictions, except that the speed limits are like in any other place.

2) How can I get on the Formula 1 Track in Monaco? Is it accessible to everyone?

At any date and time that is convenient for you, we can fulfill your dream and you can drive a supercar along the Formula 1 road in Monaco. The only exception is at the end of May when the Grand Prix competitions are held.

But also, in this case, there are certain exceptions, and read more about this below.

3) How much does it cost to drive a Ferrari on the Grand Prix F1Track in Monaco?

In general, it is available to everyone! And it is completely free !!! To do this, you need to rent a Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, Porsche or other super cars (race cars and bolides are the exceptions, there must be passed a special training and some other shades to drive them, you know, plus race on a bolide is possible only on a closed circuit.). Nevertheless, you can make behind the wheel of fast car 77 laps F1, like during a real Grand Prix race.

4) Can I rent a supercar and drive it along the race track during Formula 1?

You can rent a Ferrari from May 22 to May 25, 2020, in Monaco. Of course, during the Formula 1 competition, you will not be able to be one of the racers, even driving a Ferrari, since there is no access to the Formula 1 track and it is completely limited for security reasons. But this only applies to the race track, the rest of the streets and roads of the Principality of Monaco are open and accessible to you!

But there is good news for those who want to drive on the race track in Monaco during Formula 1! After 7 PM, when the race day is over, traffic on the race track becomes FREE for everyone and it lasts until 5 AM. So you have all the chances to fulfill your racing dreams with fancy cars as Ferrari 488 Spider, Ferrari 458 Speciale Italia, Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, McLaren 670 S Spider, Porsche 911 (992) Carrera 4S Cabrio and others!

Formula 1 in Monaco is a feasibility to enjoy the F1 roar of the World’s most powerful engines, to marvel the incredible professionalism of F1 riders who do not have any right to make the slightest mistake on the World’s Most Difficult Race Track.

And we will be happy to help you with the proper organization of your stay in Monaco during the Grand Prix 2020! Choose the right car for the time of the Grand Prix Monaco, book the best terrace from which you will see the most magnificent image of the track, or book seats on the tribunes, or book a yacht for you and your friends in the Port Hercule with a view to the famous part of the Piscine route. Everything for your royal stay in the Principality of Monaco!

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