Supercars Driving Tour

15 min, 30 min or 1h

on French Riviera

with AiLiL World Rent

Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche or McLaren, or do you prefer classics cars like BMW or Audi? For you and your friends, we have a wide selection of sports cars, which you can drive and envoy during a short pre-organized tours on the French Riviera.

In a time when you will arrive in Nice, our team will be waiting for you at the Nice Airport Cote d’Azur with the best and latest types of sports cars with open-top roofs and we will go to enjoy the beauty of life on the Azure Coast.

You will have an incredible adventure of supercar driving. Just imagine, you, your beloved mate next to you, a shining sea on your right, your lungs are filled with sea air, and you enjoy the fun of all around that happens to you.  Ferrari 488 Spider, Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, Aventador S Roadster or new SVJ, Ferrari Portofino you can enjoy with these cars while bespoke tour in Cote D’Azur!

Or let’s imagine another variant. You wake up at the best hotel, and already know that for you and your friends, or your colleagues, are waiting 10 the most beautiful and powerful luxury supercars at the hotel parking. And all these cars are cars which you will drive and have a lot of fun throughout the next three or four hours. Now close your eyes and imagine your feelings of power and force that you will feel behind the wheel of the brand new Ferrari 488 Pista, or Huracan Peformante Spider. Adrenaline rolls over, pulse 120 beats per minute. You Push on the Start button and the sound of unreal power emitted by an 8 or 10 cylinder V engine fills the entire space. The level of adrenaline rises even more and now, having torn the seat belts, you and your mate are ready to push on the gas pedal and feel on yourself what it means to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds. Yes, Yes, Yes, this is Reality and this is Your Reality!

An 15 min, 30 min or 1 hour, two or three-hours tour can start from any place in Nice and Cannes and time more comfortable for you. Accordingly, with a starting place, we will offer you different panoramic roads, driving along which you will have an opportunity to see the beauty of the coast. In conformity with your wishes, we can make a couple of stops during which you can change places with your mates and take pictures of the incredible sea line panoramic beauty.

At your request, we can organize lunch for you in the best restaurants in France, after which we will continue our supercar trip!

Tell us about your wishes and expectations and we will try to realize your fairy tale with our team because traveling with us is a really Real Fairy Tale!

who can take 15, 30 min or 1h tour?

You, Your Teams Members, Your Partners!
Short bespoke driving tours in Cannes, Nice, or Monaco is the best solutions for groups of 6 and more persons who want to ride prestige cars through gorgeous places with a travel guide, that shows non-touristic places and open a fabulous surrounding!
Often we organize tours for a group of friends, for employes or partners or for the best companies' clients, which is helps to motivate everyone to increst your business!

how can i book bespoke tour?

We will explain you all details!
Reserve Top Car Driving Tour with Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley or any other cars is very simple. Tell us, the right date and time when you wish to have a cars tour. How many cars you wish to have. Which models of cars you dream to drive? How many participants you will have? Which places do you want to visit? In a time when our Team will get answers, we will provide you an offer with full rental details. Accepting our offer send us by email your documents and our Team will organize an unforgettable driving experience on French Riviera!!!

how many cars can i have on 1 tour?

We can realize all your cars dreams!
We don't have limits. We can organize any bespoke tours with any quantity of cars. The minimum is 3 cars tour, the maximum is how many you want! We organizing tours with 60 superfast cars, so for us it's a pleasure to deliver for you and your friends a wide fleet of the best cars!
It can be 10 Ferrari cars tour, or 7 Ferrari and Lamborghini cars tour, or 20 luxury fancy car tour in Nice or Cannes or Monaco or at any place across All Europe and World!
We are here to realize your supercars dreams!!!

can we have a tour with drivers?

Our Professional Formula 2 Drivers available for You!
Sometimes our clients don't want to drive supercars, they want to stay as passengers during Top Car Tours. In such situations, we offer the service with Personal Formula 2 Drivers, and they show to our Clients what is mean to drive sports car and how it is to be Formula 1 Driver!
Try it!

15 min Driving Tour

Passionate by Ferrari? Drive your dream car! Its time to realize your dreams!
90 Tour
  • Be as a Driver or Passenger and feel like F1 driver
  • Drive convertible Ferrari California throught panoramic roads between Monaco and Cannes
  • Enjoy Ferrari onboard time with your friends and family members
Hot offer

30 min Driving Tour

Book now Ferrari Tour for 30 min in Nice, Cannes, or Cap d'Ail and enjoy your summer trip in France!
120 Tour
  • Be as a Driver or Passenger and feel like F1 driver
  • Drive convertible Ferrari California throught panoramic roads between Monaco and Cannes
  • Enjoy Ferrari onboard time with your friends and family members

1 h Driving Tour

Drive Ferrari 1h will give an opportunity to understand more about Ferrari's behavior and spend more fun time!
180 Tour
  • Be as a Driver or Passenger and feel like F1 driver
  • Drive convertible Ferrari California throught panoramic roads between Monaco and Cannes
  • Enjoy Ferrari onboard time with your friends and family members
Best offer

Renting for several hours and days has an incredible number of advantages and you have the opportunity to experience all these privileges. So stop thinking, choose carss write to us and we will reserve bespoke driving tour with elite supercar for you!

Our goal is to make your trip a fairy tale!

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AMAZING CARS! HIGH SERVICE! ALL FOR CUSTOMERS! All-time when I am staying in Monaco, I always contact AiLiL. They have a wide choice of different cars, from supercar like Lamborghini Aventador to little and comfort, but exclusive Smart ForTwo. Always perfect cars, always top experience!
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Thank you, guys! You organized for my company super cool 3 days driving experience in Italy in March 2019! It was impressive! My Team and I have got a lot of insights during our trip! See you next year!
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