Enjoy fun, easy and playful time in the beautiful capital of Tuscany with ALiL World Rent

Tuscany is a feast for the eyes! Beautiful Florence is like a multi-layer’s canvas of Renaissance artists – sophisticated, artistic and airy. At the same time, it is a place where modernity offers excellent business opportunities to traders from all over the world.

To the beauty connoisseurs: from good wines, art to the top cars, visiting the Uffizi Gallery, San Lorenzo, Pitti Palace, Golden Bridge and a majestic cathedral Duomo – would make unforgettable impressions and memories. Drive along the roads on fancy supercar and immerse yourself into the atmosphere of a medieval city, the Divine Comedy of Dante, intrigue and secrets of Dominican monks. Florence is likely the favorite place to organise parties, weddings and various celebrations – come here with your loved ones. This city is a real sublime decoration for the best memories in life.

AiLiL World Rent offers wide chose of Italian famous cars as Ferrari, Lamborghini in Florence. Only exclusive models and only cars with the best personalised configurations. Driving the most famous cars in Florence, Tuscany will give you impressive beauty and dignity.

Immerse and drive through time in a rented state-of-the-art sports car in the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance

Book in ALiL World Rent a Lamborghini or other automotive masterpiece and go explore Florence’s surroundings. Visit the street theater festival in Certaldo Mercantia or Vinci – the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci, Lucca, Siena… Tuscany is infinite. Perfect option for a few days or week is to visit Florence, then San Gimignano, Siena, then get to Lucca, follow to Pisa, and from there to visit Viareggio and a wonderful coast further up. Or rent convertible Ferrari 488 in Florence for 1 day and discover the beautiful Val d’Orcia valley and monstrous supercar’s power. Enjoy the sights, the sun of Italy and visit the home of famous Chianti wine, surrounded by Tuscan hills and vineyards.

Travel and enjoy your life with Ailil World rent

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