Treat Yourself to the luxury lifestyle!

It’s exactly what you are looking for – enjoying an exclusive car in a place with unforgettable beaches, harbors, seafood, and the best night clubs anywhere. St. Tropez is the elite destination for serious relaxation. St. Tropez is an ancient seaport village, where time seems to have stopped and every view could come straight from a classic movie. Among tropical gardens and luxury boutiques, Michelin-rated restaurants, and traditional French cafes, you can enjoy a sensational drive in a powerful exotic car.

Discover the secrets of a city unlike any other. Here you can easily meet celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kristen Stewart, and Leonardo DiCaprio, who have long chosen St. Tropez as their hidden Mediterranean getaway. You can live the classic St. Tropez lifestyle – dancing by the pool under a shower of champagne, until sunrise. Your personal AiLiL World Rent driver will bring your luxury convertible rental car to wherever you are. You would take great pleasure in all those fabulous moments. Feel the pulse of the supercar’s motor and the sensation of true freedom on the road. Drive to admire the natural parks Prealpes d’Azur or Verdon, romantic castles Château de La Napoule or Château de Roquefort, and discover the best shopping on Quai Suffren and Quai Jean Jaures.

Whether you need transfers on French Riviera, to go on business meetings or to take a tour of really nice car brands, we are here to provide a personalized itinerary tailored to all your requirements.

We focuse on our customer requirements in order to always meet the highest demands.
What car do you need in Saint Tropez? We have only the best for You.

For your best experience in St.Tropez we offer:

Convenient rental offices with 24h exclusive rental service in Saint-Tropez with 24/7 roadside assistance and customer support available here for you.

Cars delivery in airport, at your hotel, villa or yacht at the right place at the right time.

24/7 private driver option available in St. Tropez.

Best selection of supercars, elite premium class cars, convertibles cars in St. Tropez

Car delivery option to any place in St. Tropez within 1-hour.

A unique pre-organized driving tours for 1 or 2 days for you, your friends or your team. This option includes the presentation of cars, test drive, driver assistance during a tour, video-photo memories and unbelievable emotions.

Low Prices for Daily / Weekly Rentals.         

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