Where can I rent Bentley Continental GT Supersports in Nice?

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It’s time to create the story you always imagined! A trip to Nice wouldn’t be complete without renting a drop-top exotic car.

Bentley Continental Supersports has 710 hp and was presented in 2018 year. This prestigious strong car drives amazingly well. Bentley Continental Supersports is a cabriolet, a powerful and elegant car at the same moment. Choosing this car you can be sure he will make great impression for all around.

To be more flexible, free and to stay in full comfort, hire your prestige car in Nice Airport or any other AiLiL World Rent locations over the French Riviera.


How to rent Bentley Supersport in Nice?

For your daydreaming pleasure, we’ve selected a handful of potential luxury rental cars that fits the bill.

You can book Bentley Supersport GTC Cabrio as far in advance or once you are in Nice as you’d like. We will bring it wherever you want in the airport/city. 

Send us your driving license, your Passport, and your credit card for a deposit and payment.  And in a few minutes, you will get your rental contract, proforma and confirmation ticket payment. That’s all! Your Bentley Supersport will wait for your arrival!

After the presentation of the Continental GT, the brand showed up its bestseller in V8 Bentley Supersport GTC Cabrio.

Indeed, the convertible 2 + 2 model was created from Bentley Continental R and Continental T, the performed Rolls-Royce base. The engine adopts a new engine of 6.0L of displacement, always helped by 2 turbos and keeps its integral transmission.

Under the hood of the Bentley Supersport is a W-shaped 12-cylinder engine with two turbochargers and an intercooler with a capacity of 710 hp. It was borrowed from the German luxury sedans Audi A8 and Volkswagen Phaeton.

The convertible has a truly sporty character: it takes less than 3.4 seconds to accelerate to 100 km/h, and the maximum speed of the car exceeds 330 km/h. Stock traction is felt even at speeds above 200 km/h. The Bentley Supersport is the first Bentley with four-wheel drive.

Naturally, the car is equipped with the full program package. Here you will see the newest automatic transmission, and ESP (Bosch), which, being disabled by the driver, turns on unobtrusively when the electronics consider it necessary, and ventilated brake discs on all wheels, ABS (also Bosch), the pneumatics on both suspensions (clearance does not depend on the load), and a rear spoiler, which rises itself only at high speed.

The transformer with handwork interior and memorable exterior is programmed for dynamism and high speeds but remains extremely comfortable and obedient steering. The quick folding mechanism lowers the roof well below the centerline and creates perfectly dynamic lines.

Bentley Supersport Specifications

Engine: 6.0L W12

Power output: 710 hp

Transmission: 7 speed dual-clutch transmission

Type:  2-door convertible, 2 + 2 seats

Top Speed:  330 km/h (205 mph)

Performance: 0-100 km/h in 3.4 sec

Choose Bentley Supersport in Nice and enjoy Your Luxury Lifestyle Vacation!

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