Rent prestige car for

a long time.

Is it better than buy it?

This type of car rental as a long-term rent is gaining more and more popularity because it is not only practical but also quite an economically advantageous offer.

You personally, or your company, can rent any car for a long period of time from 1 month to 3 years. This is easy enough to do. You need to contact our managers and tell them about your preferences, what kind of car you need, a particular model, or maybe we can offer you some special models depending on where you will drive a car and what kind of pain should solve your rental car.

For example, if you live in a big city like Milan, you are more than aware of the problems and the eternal search for a parking place. And you want to drive a comfortable car without going outside the city, then we will be happy to offer you to rent a mini car like the new Smart ForTwo or Smart ForFour. With this car, you will forget about the problems with searching parking spaces, as this small and nimble car can be parked in any corner! What could be better?

Or you are constantly on the road and oversee your business between Rome and Venice, for example, in such cases you need to rent a comfortable business sedan like Mercedes Class S or BMW Serie 7. Well, if you are a fan of cool SUVs then we have Mercedes G63 Amg or Range Rover Sport for you, or the Bentley Bentayga, or the new Lamborghini Urus loved by all.

There are no unlimited options for renting a car for a long time, you just need to tell us about your desires and we will find the right car for you.

Long time Rent Advantage

We would also like to emphasize the advantages of renting a prestigious car for the long term.

You are doing your business, and we are preparing a car for you! You no longer need to spend time studying car purchase agreements, picking up and considering different options in order to get the best commercial offer. We have already done this for you! We have been cooperating with World car companies for many years, so it is almost impossible to find a better deal than our long-term rental.

You no longer need to calculate and pay the amount of the annual car tax, as we have already done this for you.

Registration, annual technical control and seasonal change of tires, finding a good insurance company and paying huge insurance payments, stresses due to unforeseen breakdowns of a car and finding a temporary car during the repair of your car, and other nuances do not concern you anymore since we take care of these important issues – your reliable global car rental manager!

Long-term car rental in Monaco, France Italy Germany or Spain and other European countries is available to you right now. You just need to send us a rental request by e-mail , with your wishes and preferences and in the near future, our team will contact you. When signing a contract for a long car rental, you will need to provide your passport, your driver’s license (minimum age for renting a car is 21 years old) and your credit card to pay for services and your beautiful new car will be waiting for you at your home!

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