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Renting prestigious cars is gaining more and more popularity. People no longer seek to buy an expensive and prestigious car, now they go, or rather send online requests to their personal managers, with the issue of renting a cool car, and they, in turn, provide them with suitable options.

We are not an exception and for our clients, we provide short-term rental services of a supercar like rent a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days at any place and time best for you.

With us, you have the superb opportunity to rent a supercar for only a few hours. Rent Ferrari for just 3 hours in Monaco, Milan, Barcelona or Paris, our team will deliver you a car.

Renting a prestigious car for several hours, 1 day or 3 days, has many advantages

Short Rent Advantages:

Freedom to choose a car for every taste and for any event. Going to the countryside for a family vacation, or going to the mountains, you can take a favorable and comfortable Mercedes G63 Amg or Range Rover Sport, and safety mood on snowy roads for you under the guaranty. Or is it your wedding or birthday and you want something special? Then the best choice would be a sports convertible car like the Ferrari Portofino, the new Bentley Continental First Edition, or in extreme cases, the Porsche 992Carrera 4S Cabrio. A car for every taste, a car for any event.

You no longer need to think about the maintenance of the car, as if you rent it, you get the car in excellent technical condition and you can be sure of its serviceability and a high degree of safety.

Insurance costs disappear, as the rental company takes responsibility for this issue. All offered cars have full insurance. You do not need to pay any insurance extra fee. You don’t have any hidden surcharges and on the day of delivery of the car, no one will offer you any surcharges for any additional non-existent insurance services.

Freedom of movement. Arriving in a new city, you no longer need to think about where you can get a good car for the duration of your stay in a particular city, you can just contact our managers in advance and they will deliver any car at a convenient place and time. For example, when you have a flight to Milan you can rent a Range Rover Sport, when you arrived in Barcelona you need to rent a Ferrari 488 Spider or Ferrari California T for a few days. In Nice or Cannes, of course, you need to take a luxury cabriolet like the Rolls Royce Phantom (if you have to visit several gala dinners or you are a guest of the Cannes Film Festival). It is better to arrive in St. Tropez on the new Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Performante or SVJ, and you can be sure, you will be the best between the best!)

AiLiL World Rent Car Collection

Choose and drive your exclusive cars

Renting for several hours and days has an incredible number of advantages and you have the opportunity to experience all these privileges. So stop thinking, choose a car, write to us and we will reserve a supercar for you!

Our goal is to make your trip a fairy tale!

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AMAZING CARS! HIGH SERVICE! ALL FOR CUSTOMERS! All-time when I am staying in Monaco, I always contact AiLiL. They have a wide choice of different cars, from supercar like Lamborghini Aventador to little and comfort, but exclusive Smart ForTwo. Always perfect cars, always top experience!
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My Favorite Car Rental Company in Europe! Milan, Monte-Carlo, Rome, Stuttgart, Bari, Paris, Saint-Tropez, Ibiza or Barcelona!, everywhere I go, I contact AiLiL World Top Car Rent. They bring me the best cars, Ferrari, Bentley, Audi, or Mercedes. They have cars for all the demands! My recommendations!
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Thank you, guys! You organized for my company super cool 3 days driving experience in Italy in March 2019! It was impressive! My Team and I have got a lot of insights during our trip! See you next year!
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CEO of IT Industrial, USA