Where can I rent Ferrari 458 Speciale Italia in Monaco?

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If you would like to rent a Ferrari while touring on the French or Italian Riviera, or in the Principality of Monaco, contact us, visit one of our multiple rental locations, including Airports. 

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How much cost to rent Ferrari 458 Speciale Italis for 2 days in Monaco?

AiLiL World Rent offers special prices per day, weekends, few days and per week. You can be sure that you will get exactly the car you rented, when you need it, and for the price quoted.

Right at the top of the car food chain is none other than the Ferrari. 458 for 4.3L and 8 cylinders, Italia for its origins is more than a name, the 458 is an Italian beauty drawn by Pininfarina. Its perfect design influenced by aerodynamics; for example, the two blades at the front are deformable depending on the speed. Note also the triple exhaust escapement reminiscent of the legendary F40. The result of this work is an excellent Cx of 0.33. it now develops 570 hp at 9,000 RPM. While passing via turbo, the performance is among the best in the world for an engine atmo: 127 ch/l. The 458 is there, imposing, elegant, it reveals its engine through a window. Below, you discover the huge carbon-ceramic brakes.

A steering wheel could be described as “F1 type”, as the number of options is important. To mention headlights, wipers, turn signals, the Manettino to change mode, a button to choose the type of depreciation thanks to Michael Schumacher and finally “Engine Start”. This 458 gives just one of the best sounds in the world. The engine speed needle seems to want to fly to infinity! Be careful to keep an eye on the speed. With all these impressionable numbers, the 458 remains easy to drive, almost smooth. No need to be a professional F1 pilot to fully enjoy driving. The steering is sharpened to a position of the car where the eye will decide. The F1 double-clutch gearbox is super-fast, especially in Race mode, and the V8 accepts all speed ranges. His braking is hyper-powerful, as expected.

While renting Ferrari 458 Italia in Monaco and driving, it feels like a body connected with the automotive masterpiece, and if the body does not follow, the electronics will adjust the difference.

What can I visit with Ferrari 458 in Monaco?

Allow yourself to get Adrenaline exploded through your body thanks to sports car’s acceleration! Then, relax behind the wheel of this feat of automotive ingenuity, supported by the perfect systems. After cruising in Monaco and attacking the Formula 1 track, go to Le Cap-Ferrat: you will be delighted with the winding road among the luxury villas, between the sea and pine groves, 15 km around the cape.

After about 2 hours by car from Monaco, you can see the magnificent Verdon Gorge – the deepest gorge in France and one of the most impressive natural beauties of the country. On the way, it is convenient to explore the perfume capital of France – the city of Grasse, as well as the picturesque town of Castellane. This trip is quite possible to make in 1 day. In any other case, the car can be rented for a day, weekend, week or two. And as many cars as you wish.  


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