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This stunning 2-door Ferrari 488 Spider, based on the 488 GTB is equipped with a folding metal roof. One of its features is an additional display on the right side of the front panel, on which you can see the revs, speed and gear. In the car is installed a 670-horsepower V8 3.9 gasoline engine with two turbochargers combined with a seven-speed robotic gearbox. 

Ferrari 488 Spider has a mid-engine layout and its V8 Turbo engine is recognized as the best “Engine of the Year 2016”. To overclock this powerful beauty to hundreds will take only 3.0 seconds. The cabriolet body is not only the most aerodynamic but also the toughest among all cars with an open top of the Italian brand.

Opening or closing the retractable top of a supercar takes just 14 seconds, and it can be done even at up to 45 km/h. The unique mechanism of the roof allowed us to save precious space. Its interior is made in the traditional features of Ferrari with the inclusion of innovative technologies and a clever division of space for high convenience. The rear electric windshield creates a comfortable atmosphere in the cab of the convertible: in the fully raised position, it allows you and your passenger to easily communicate when driving with the roof folded at a speed exceeding 200 km/h!

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