Where can I rent Ferrari California in Monaco?

Select to hire Ferrari California, any Departure place in Monte-CArlo, Monaco and around, Rental Dates, and click on “Reserve Now”!

Speed, beauty, and luxury are what dreams are made of. Whatever your reasons for hiring Luxury Cars in Monte-Carlo, you get the freedom to explore at your own will.

In Port Hercules, the port of Monaco, the most expensive yachts of the world are moored, the streets are filled with exotic cars and boutiques of famous designers, the famous restaurants with Michelin stars gourmet cuisine are pleased to offer “la crème de la crème”. The sun is always shining on the Principality, so it’s a great opportunity to rent the Ferrari California and explore the mecca of luxury in style. 

Meet an exciting and unforgettable adventure!

How much cost to rent california in Monaco for 2 days or weekend?

Exotic doesn’t have to mean prohibitively expensive. With the top service and brand-new supercars, AiLiL World Rent provides affordable rental rates. Rent Ferrari California for a day in Monaco, for a weekend, weeks and for some special event as wedding, birthday or lover date!.

Send us your driving license, your Passport, and your credit card for a deposit and payment.  And in a few minutes, you will get your rental contract, proforma and confirmation ticket payment. That’s all! Your Ferrari California will wait for your arrival!

Ferrari California is exceptional in every way. Equipped with the special Handling pack makes this four-season cabriolet more sharp-edged. An essential option for cutting curves. All while maintaining its beautiful balance in curves, its excellent traction and a good ride comfort despite increased firmness. In Sport mode only because, by repositioning the Manettino on Comfort, one finds then is extra flexible on its suspensions, with intelligent behavior, perfect for a driving in all relaxation in Monaco and around. Steering much more incisive, put in support more frank, less rolling, better maintenance of body movements on the bumps, course changes substantially more lively. The California reacts extremely fast from start and provides a sportier driving.The entire car is just so drivable with amazingly light steering. Everybody could wheel the California even in rush hours with nary a problem. California manages it due to its advanced traction.

Can I rent Ferrari if I am 21 years old?

Due to the security and assurance rules the minimal rental age of Ferrari California is 21 years old with 2 years of a valid driving license!

If you are 21 y.o you can reserve Ferrari California in Monaco right now. You can do it by our reservation form or you can send us copies of your driving license. copies of your Passport and copies of your debit/credit card for a payment and deposit caution.  

Reserve one Ferrari in Monaco is more simple than you imagined, as our rental managers take care about your holidays as well! 

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