Where to hire huracan spider in monte-carlo?

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Have you decided already that “I want to rent Lamborghini in Monte-Carlo?” Don’t wait, come, discover and drive our high-end most popular cars in Monaco.

Book a supercar on the website, and it will wait only for you at the appointed time and place. Our rental points are located at the most popular placas and also at airports in Europe, including Nice and Cannes Airports in France. We invite you to visit our main office in Monaco, discover and drive best cars in Monte-Carlo.

Can I rent Huracan for wedding in Monaco?

The special day is coming? Rent a Lamborghini Huracan for prom, wedding, pilot service, as a birthday gift for the day-ride and more. We also offer solutions for diplomatic and business missions with our brand-new premium cars.
You can rent Huracan in Monaco at the special price as an Exhibition and Show vehicle, to display our luxury vehicle in a location of your choice. Bring an extra visual touch during the photo session, movie making, clip production, presentations, VIP party decoration, inaugurations of a store, whatever you wish.
You are unique, so is Lamborghini Huracan! 

A powerful wind of change. The Huracan takes again the most beautiful lines of Lamborghini. Optimized chassis and flawless drivability show that the Italian manufacturer is doing great feats to brighten our life.
Find out the strong and a sporty character in the spirit of Huracan. With a bestial sound, the Lamborghini Huracan captivates with its phenomenal acceleration well supported by a dual-clutch 7-speed. The big shape V10 comes alive with surprising liveliness for a 5.2-liter engine displacement block. Advanced in-depth (it now has a double injection, direct and indirect), this engine offering 610 hp. The chassis owes its effectiveness to carbon and aluminum, the alliance for rigidity and perfect lightness. The 3.4 seconds from 0 to 100 km/ h – 9.9 s to cross the limit of 200 km/h are absolutely credible. Even if the decor looks furiously, driving is surprisingly easy. First, because the V10 has gained torque at low rotations. Then, because you will quickly forget about the mode Strada, go in Sport, then in Corsa. At each stage, the driving is harmonized by playing on the engine response, the distribution of power front-rear-it is a four-wheel-drive: the responsiveness of the double-clutch gearbox, the sound is much better with the exhaust valves open and ESC anti-slip. To mention the variable reduction steering and optional steerable damping, fast and responsive box. All is to help make the Huracan become ultra-accessible and comfortable to drive.

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Where can I drive Huracan in Monaco?

Whole 140 hectares of Monaco are the insane highest quality in all someone is able to imagine: hotels, food, service, nightclubs, and supercars. It’s just a part of its ‘usual’ local image. The more luxury, the merrier in its natural surroundings. Every year since 1929 in Monaco one of the most prestigious motorsport competitions is held – the ‘Monaco Grand Prix’, which since 1950 has been included in the Formula 1 World Championship. Drive the best cars in Monte-Carlo and immerse yourself in genuine scenes of competitions like a Pilot of Formula 1. Race track runs right through the streets of the city. Our Formula Test-Driver makes the adventure even more exciting and unforgettable. If you add a supercar bestial look and ultra-sexy curves, this is the sure blow. Rent Huracan in Monaco and hold on tight!
After such adrenaline surge, do you want to chill and enjoy the incredible aesthetics of the places around Monaco? Make great photos and videos with your Lamborghini Huracan on the backdrop of lavender fields. The Plateau de Calern is only 1-hour drive and Plateau Valensole in 2.5 hours’ drive are closest to Monaco Provence’s lavender fields. Unwind and create more pleasure in your life with this exotic Lamborghini Huracan!

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