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Where can I rent Huracam Performante in Monaco?

Select to hire Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spider, any Departure place in Monaco and around, Rental Dates, and click on “Reserve Now”!

Explore the royal Monaco with Huracan Performante Spider. The Principality of Monaco can best be described as an safe luxury playground with famous spots and places like Monte Carlo Casino, Larvotto Beach or the Palais du Prince. Enjoy your holidays and celebrations in Monaco behind the wheel of amazingly powerful Huracan Performante.

Book now Performante Spider and you will never forget you driving experience in Monaco. Spend your days in the luxury packed Riviera and your nights exploring the Monte-Carlo, bars, restaurants for which Monaco is famed! Experience more the energy of the place by hiring the pilot, co-pilot or even few cars. With professional driver, who knows all about Monaco, just relax and sip champagne whilst enjoying the thrills of the road-trip. Move forward to explore the city that represents all that is quintessential to F1 capital like glamour, fine chic and visual delights from every side!


How much cost rent performante in monaco?

Why buy one super car when you can rent with one of the best customer service at best rates? AiLiL World Rent is in partnership with most recognized world’s brands and famous clients. We are trusted since many years, we do not have any booking and hidden fees. Have your personal racetrack Formula 1 experience now with us. Choose or make a request for our flexible options for your itinerary, tell us your special wishes for your events, quantity of supercars or any advice. The roots of our company grows from Monaco, so we can guide you through all your way.  

A Rear Wheel Drive Powertrain ensures all pushing power coming with great handling and acceleration. Sports Exhaust, front bumper lift, rear view camera, dual climate control, leather interior with power seats, premium sound, convertible top and multiple systems – these, and many more features you get when driving this sport beast. Mid-engine supercar Lamborghini Huracan Spyder is equipped with a 5.2-liter V10 engine. The entire power of the motor with 640 horsepower at 8 000 rpm is under control of a seven-speed, preselective robotic gearbox of variable gears and transmitted to the all-wheel drive system. As a result, the roadster takes off from the spot to a hundred in 3.1 seconds and gains 325 kilometers per hour. The aluminum-carbon fiber monocoque created as a basis of the Huracan design. The convertible top lifts and lowers in just 17 seconds within speeds up to 50km/h.

With improved performance, the name itself Performante embodies the sense of the car and the feelings of a true Lamborghini enthusiast. Stunning Y-shaped stop signals, aggressive wings, a large diffuser and two chrome exhaust pipes are striking. In general, the model has a swift and memorable look, in the best traditions of Italian designers.

Hire Lamborghini Performante in Monte-Carlo and experience just the perfect convertible with perfect racing motor roar during acceleration.

Minimum age to rent Lamborghini Performante?

Powerful beast as Lamborghini Performante Spider of the 2020 year production you can rent for you and your friends if you are already 21 years old! And you should have 2 years of driving license. 

For rent Lamborghini in Monte-Carlo, you can do by providing us your driving license (copies of both sides), your Passport (of both sides) and your credit cards (both sides) for a payment and deposit caution.  We accept credit/debits cards like Visa, MasterCard, and Amex. Payment and deposit caution can be done also by bank transfer (at least 2 weeks before a rental date).

Drive your Dream! Drive Lamborghini Performante Spider!


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