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How much cost remt mercedes g63 amg in Monaco?

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Mercedes Benz it is the most practical and not to mention stunning – out of the expensive bunch of cars. Really, this 585-strong Mercedes-AMG G63 of 2019 model year is a completely new and more advanced SUV. The new G does not hide its impressive weight. G63 has an inner charm, the second generation of the model also complements it with greater confidence in control and maneuverability. The SUV has a modern rack-and-pinion electric power steering gear that weights the ‘wheel’ as it rotates, trying to return to the zero position. Reinforced brakes, coupled with independent front suspension and increased front and rear tracks by about 15 cm, greatly enhanced the possibilities of the G63 on the asphalt, bringing them closer to the limit.

However, the real magic of the novelty is hidden under the hood. Now it is a 4-liter V8 with double supercharging. Despite the smaller working volume, the output of the engine of the new G63 has increased by 14 forces and 90 Nm. Now it’s 585 hp at 6000 rpm and 850 Nm at 2500–3500 rpm. Thanks to the amazing new 9-speed automatic and the all-wheel-drive system, the G63 manages to start and accelerate. Is it a fast new Mercedes G63 AMG? Acceleration to 100 km/h takes only 4.5 seconds from a beginner. The maximum speed of еру SUV is electronically limited to 220 km/h. Incredible sensations can be additionally created by switching between Slippery, Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus. It has three off-road modes – Sand, Trail and Rock, offered only for the AMG version. So you will feel off-road, on an asphalt road and on a long journey with luggage and passengers in 100% comfort. Taking into account the modern electronic digital dashboard, engine start button, comfortable armrests, bigger space, and other benefits, the new G-Class is able to offer the comfort that you expect from a car with a three-beam star.

Where can I go with Ferrari Portofino in Monaco?

You probably know that the most expensive and fastest cars in the world are already plying the roads in luxurious Monte-Carlo. Thus, if you want a premium SUV that can also endure out-of-town weekend trips, the Mercedes could become your best buddy.

Rent new Mercedes G63 AMG in Monaco and discover the finest places, charming villas, cuisine, distractions and, of course, the legendary Grand Prix Formula One motor race. We gladly can help you to book the best tickets for the show to overview from terraces the most exciting turns of Circuit de Monaco. The world’s most sumptuous tiny royal country and corner of safety offers an abundance of high-class to offer.

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