Where can I rent Smart ForTwo for 1 month in Milan?

Select to hire Smart ForTwo, any Departure place in Milan and around, Rental Dates, and click on “Reserve Now”!

Think about some new, comfort and easy park car for staying in so huge city as Milan? You are on the right way! AiLiL World Rent has a so great offer for citizens of Milan and guests. Now anyone can rent a new Smart ForTwo for long period and enjoy life for All!

Forget about your thoughts about “Where can I find a parking place?” or “Where can I park my car?” with an easy car as Smart ForTwo you will ALWAYS have one special parking place for you.

How much cost rent new smart in milan?

Most compact car for a big city like Milan you can rent without any problems for 1 month or more. We are happy to offer you the best cheaper prices for rent comfort and performance cars as the New Smart ForTwo. 

Rental price starts from 990€/per month with full insurance and can be reduced in case of long rent as 1 year! 

Forget about things as car service, insurance payments, parking problems! Rent Smart ForTwo with Monaco Plates NOW and enjoy your fashion city lifestyle.

The New Smart ForTwo is a revolutionary car that layout with new rear-engine, commodious two-seater and beyond belief small. Such emplacement can make a revolution in city street planning.

Worked out together with Renault, Smart ForTwo kept two-seat rear-engine configuration, with a length of 269 cm, and now with 11 cm wider. A completely new engine with 3-cylinder, powered by 90 hp and 898cc turbocharged. It gives to gain the power of driving like through a city or either on a high way.

In a city, the car is eating 7-8 liters (with traffic jams). On the highway, the exact opposite is 4.0 liters, so a 28-liter tank is enough for 500 km. On average, it turns out about 6 liters per 100 km.
You will be open-eyed, as little Smart has the number of additional benefits. Only think about: for two passengers’ car proposes a retractable hiding place, three cup holders, a glove compartment, a net in the legs, four pockets behind the back, two compartments in the doors, an eyeglass case and an armrest.

And about one more important point – a trunk with 260 liters – where you can put two suitcases, a grocery bag and your and your friend’ jackets on top.

Sure enough, Smart ForTwo never was only a car. This is worship, style of life, certain urbanity philosophy of movement – smart movement and upon one’s conscience it’s always an excellent mood.

Benefits of Rent and Drive Smart ForTwo in big city

Smart ForTwo is the real King of Parking. Yes, earnestly, you can leave this beauty along, even across, or at least bias – the car does not take more than half of a parking space.

New Equipment of the Brabus model. The comforting interior into the black skin, the proprietary instrument panel, peds on the pedals, the handbrake and gear shift lever are pleasing to the eye.

Controllability and performance. Behind the wheel of Smart, you can feel like Formula 1 driver and it’s not a joke! It can sprint from 0-100 km/h in 8 sec, with a max speed of 180 km/h! Start to drive Smart ForTwo you will understand how it’s difficult to control yourself and don’t accelerate, as you will feel so nimble on your way.

Low level of fuel consumption. Only 5 liters for 100 km. What could be better???

The attention of the surrounding. This is not a Ferrari, but the attention is under guarantee. The car does not leave anyone apathetic!

Now it is a time of New People wh0 drive Modern Easy Cars as Smart ForTwo!

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