Rent Ferrari Portofino in Port de Menton


The Pinnacle of Italian Engineering: The Ferrari Portofino!

Renting a Ferrari Portofino in Port de Menton is more than renting a car; it's a statement. It's a declaration of your taste for the finer things in life, a passport to an exclusive world of luxury and unparalleled experiences. Imagine the thrill of navigating the picturesque coastal roads with the top down, the iconic prancing horse emblem a symbol of prestige. This is your chance to create memories that will be recounted for years to come.

Price: €1650 per day | Deposit: €10,000 | 150 km included per day

V8 Engine

3.5 sec 0-100 km/h

600 CV Power

2+2 seats cabrio

Rent Ferrari Portofino for 1 day - Rental Price is €1.650

Hire Ferrari Portofino for 3 days - Rental Price is €4.000

!!! All indicated Prices include all taxes and credit card fees.
We offer 150km per day. Price of 1 km extra is €6. Deposit caution is €10.000.

If you need Ferrari Portofino with more km included tell us and we will provide you a Special Offer!!!

Hire Ferrari Portofino for a week - Rental Price is €8.000

What should I do for renting Ferrari Portofino in Port de Menton?

1. Contact AiLiL World Rent by email yo [email protected] or by WhatsApp +39 389 197 86 13 / +39 389 538 72 76 
2. Provide information on Where and When Exactly you need the Ferrari should be delivered
3. Provide by email copies of your documents as Passport and Driving License
4. Make a Payment by clicking on the Payment link sent to you by email from [email protected] 
and the Ferrari Portofino will be delivered to you at the indicated place

How can I pay for hiring Ferrari Portofino?

We try to make easy the reservation and payment process. You can make the payment by credit/debit card.

In a time when we get your documents we will contact you with the payment link, by clicking on you can process the payment, and after we will block the car for you.

Please, remember, on the day of delivery take with you your credit/debit card by which was done the payment.

The cardholder and the owner of the car should be one person.

When the deposit amount be returned to my banking account?

First of all, we would like to inform you, that we don't charge your credit card with the deposit caution amount. We only block it as a simple pre-authorization.

On the same day you return the car, we will unlock the deposit caution and we will provide by email the transaction confirmation.

In case you return the car with any new scratches or damages, the deposit will be unblocked on the same day when the garage will repair the car.

Can I rent a vehicle with someone else's credit card?

Absolutely No. The credit/debit card holder who is paying for the car reservation must be the main driver and this person should be presented at the time of pick up with his/her documents and credit/debit card, as this person is the Owner of the Rental Agreemente.

Contact AiLiL World Rent today and unlock the exclusivity of renting a Ferrari Portofino in Port de Menton. The French Riviera awaits your arrival!


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