Hire a Ferrari SF90 Stradale in Paris

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Parisian Panache Meets Italian Power: Rent the All-New Ferrari SF90 Stradale (Exclusively at AiLiL!)

Imagine yourself cruising down the Champs-Élysées, the iconic Eiffel Tower rising majestically on the horizon. The Parisian energy crackles around you, a blend of history, fashion, and timeless elegance. Behind the wheel sits not just a car, but a symbol of Italian innovation – the brand-new Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Exclusively available for rent at AiLiL World Rent in Paris, this isn't just a car rental; it's a gateway to experiencing the captivating spirit of Paris in a way that redefines automotive sophistication.

Paris pulsates with an undeniable allure. Explore the majestic Louvre Museum, a treasure trove of artistic masterpieces, or wander through the charming streets of Montmartre, the historic heart of Parisian art. From the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral to the vibrant cafes lining the Seine, Paris offers a kaleidoscope of experiences. The SF90 Stradale becomes an extension of this captivating duality. Turn heads as you navigate bustling boulevards with the power of a 1,000-horsepower hybrid beast beneath you. Feel the Parisian energy surge through you as you explore hidden squares and trendy districts, arriving at Michelin-starred restaurants and chic boutiques with the panache of a true connoisseur. Unleash the SF90's cutting-edge technology and rediscover the magic of Paris, behind the wheel of a true automotive masterpiece!

A Symphony of Innovation and Elegance with Ferrari SF90 Stradale

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4.0L V8 Engine

8-speed DCT

2.5 sec 0-100 km/h

6.7 sec 0-200 km/h

780 CV by turbo engine

220 CV by 3 electric motors

340 km/h max speed

2 seats coupe

Ferrari SF90 Rent for a Day Price is €3.400

Ferrari SF90 Rental for 3 days Price is €9.800

!!! All indicated Prices include all taxes and credit card fees.
We offer 150km per day. The price of 1 km extra is €12. Deposit caution is €20.000.

If you want to rent a Ferrari Roma Spider with more km included tell us and we will provide you a Special Offer!!! Contact us +39 389 197 86 13 / +39 389 538 72 76 or email [email protected]

Rent Ferrari SF90 for 1 week Price is €17.600

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Where can I take a Ferrari SF90 in Paris?

We understand that your time in Paris is precious. That's why we eliminate the need to worry about car delivery and collection. We deliver your Ferrari SF90 Stradale directly to your place in Paris, be it your hotel, private apartment, or even a restaurant after a business meeting.

Simply inform us of your desired delivery address when you reserve the car. Our dedicated team will ensure your SF90 Stradale arrives precisely on time, fully prepared, and ready to whisk you away on your French adventure. This allows you to spend less time coordinating logistics and more time creating unforgettable memories in this captivating Paris.

When the deposit caution will be blocked and when I will get it back?

At AiLiL World Rent, we prioritize transparency and a streamlined rental process for our valued clients. Here's what you can expect regarding the security deposit for your Ferrari SF90 in Monaco.

24 hours before your rental begins, a security deposit will be placed as a temporary authorization on your payment card. This is not a charge, but rather a verification of available funds to cover potential incidental expenses during your rental period.

Upon the safe and timely return of your Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the temporary authorization on your card will be lifted within 24 hours. The funds will become available again according to your bank's processing times.

Contact AiLiL World Rent today to discuss renting your Ferrari SF90 Stradale and experience the freedom and convenience of our transparent deposit process.
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How is going the reservation of Ferrari SF90 in Paris?

1. Initiate Your Reservation:
To secure your dream ride, kindly contact the AiLiL World Rent team through the following methods:

Our knowledgeable representatives are available to address any inquiries and guide you through the reservation process.

2. Scheduling Delivery:
Upon contacting AiLiL World Rent, kindly specify the desired date, time, and location for delivery of your Ferrari SF90. We strive to ensure a seamless integration of the vehicle into your itinerary.

3. Verification Requirements:
For verification purposes, please submit electronically certified copies of your valid passport and driver's license to [email protected]. We prioritize the security of your information and adhere to strict data protection protocols.

4. Completion of Reservation:
Once your documents are received and verified, you will be sent a secure payment link via email from [email protected]. Completing the payment through this link finalizes your reservation and guarantees the delivery of your Ferrari SF90 as per your chosen schedule.

What is the minimum age for renting a Ferrari SF90 in Paris?

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale Coupe is a masterpiece of Italian engineering, designed to deliver unparalleled power and exhilaration. While we'd love to have everyone behind the wheel of this iconic supercar, due to insurance and security rules the main driver should be at least 25 years old with 2 years of driving experience.

The second driver can be 21 y.o. 

Experience Paris Like a Parisian Royalty! Contact Now and Reserve Ferrari SF90


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